# Charts

In Charts section we manage the Helm Charts.

# Requirements

In order for Charts to be functional in Kubernetic, Helm's cluster component Tiller needs to be deployed on the cluster. Check here(opens new window) for more details how to prepare the cluster.

Once helm's tiller is installed the following command should respond with client and server version

> helm version
Client: &version.Version{SemVer:"v2.9.0", GitCommit:"f6025bb9ee7daf9fee0026541c90a6f557a3e0bc", GitTreeState:"clean"}
Server: &version.Version{SemVer:"v2.9.0", GitCommit:"f6025bb9ee7daf9fee0026541c90a6f557a3e0bc", GitTreeState:"clean"}

# Listing Charts

Package > Charts: Listing Kubernetic charts

# Details of a Chart

Clicking on a Chart a detailed view of the Chart appears:

Package > Chart Details: stable/wordpress

# Deploying a Chart

Deploy of a chart installs the chart archive on a specific namespace.

The following options are configurable:

  • Release Name: Release name. If unspecified, it will autogenerate one for you
  • Namespace: Namespace to install the release into. Defaults to the active namespace.
  • Values: specify values in a YAML format. It is auto-populated with the default values of the Chart.

Once the Chart is deployed a Release is created.