# Workloads


During this tutorial series you'll learn how to manage workloads on Kubernetes.

  • Level: beginner
  • Requirements: none
  • Previous Tutorials Series: none
  • Can run on Cluster: any or multi-node
  • Can run on Namespace: any

Workloads(opens new window) represent the deployment and management of different type of containerized applications on your Kubernetes clusters. Workloads maybe used to run stateless or stateful applications, batch jobs, or daemons.

You can run this example on any cluster, but for better visualization of the DaemonSets features you can setup a multi-node cluster.

# Tutorials

Choose your Tutorial that you want to begin from the list below:

Name Description Features
Pods Create Pods logs
Deployments Create Deployments update version, undo, restart
StatefulSets Create StatefulSets update version
DaemonSets Create DaemonSets -
Jobs Create Jobs -


Each tutorial is independent but it is recommended to follow the tutorials in order of appearance.