# Configuration

*Since version v.2.13.0


During this tutorial series you'll learn how to manage configuration on Kubernetes.

  • Level: beginner
  • Requirements: none
  • Previous Tutorials Series: none
  • Can run on Cluster: any
  • Can run on Namespace: any

Configuration of workloads can be done using environment variables, ConfigMaps(opens new window) or Secrets(opens new window) .

Read The Twelve-Factor App(opens new window) to understand the motivation for separating code from configuration.

# Tutorials

Choose your Tutorial that you want to begin from the list below:

Name Description Features
Env Configure Deployment with EnvVars
ConfigMaps Configure Deployment with ConfigMap as EnvVars or as Volume
Secrets Configure Deployment with Secret as EnvVars or as Volume


Each tutorial is independent but it is recommended to follow the tutorials in order of appearance.