# Env. Variables


During this tutorial you'll learn how to manage environment variables on Kubernetes.

  • Level: beginner
  • Requirements: none
  • Previous Tutorials: deployments
  • Can run on Cluster: any
  • Can run on Namespace: any
  • Images used: jmalloc/echo-server:0.1.0

Environment variables is one of the ways to configure the workload instances.

# Echo Server

  • Create: Deployment
    • Name: echo-server
    • Image: jmalloc/echo-server:0.1.0
    • Env: [PORT:9999]

We'll run a user image jmalloc/echo-server:0.1.0 which listens to a configurable port and replies on requests. The code is located here(opens new window) and the configuration sections tells us the following:


* The PORT environment variable sets the server port, which defaults to 8080

We'll deploy the image and configure a different PORT environment variable, e.g. 9999. We check the logs and see the instance is listening to the configured port.

Echo Server Deployment

# Cleanup

Remember to delete the following resources after you finish this tutorial:

  • on active namespace:
    • deployments/echo-server