When several users or teams share a cluster with a fixed number of nodes, there is a concern that one team could use more than its fair share of resources.

Resource quotas are a tool for administrators to address this concern.

A Resource Quota, provides constraints that limit aggregate resource consumption per namespace. It can limit the quantity of objects that can be created in a namespace by type, as well as the total amount of compute resources that may be consumed by resources in that project.

Quotas Tutorial

In this tutorial we'll activate Resource Quota to the kubernetic-tutorial namespace.

Quotas Sample

Deploy kubernetic/resourcequota-sample Chart.

Packages > Chart Deploy: kubernetic/resourcequota-sample

Here is the Resource Quota definition:

apiVersion: v1
kind: ResourceQuota
name: object-counts
pods: "4"
configmaps: "10"
persistentvolumeclaims: "4"
replicationcontrollers: "20"
secrets: "10"
services: "10"
services.loadbalancers: "2"

Now go to the Quotas section. You'll see the object-counts Resource Quota that defines the hard limit of objects that can exist inside the current namespace.

Infrastructure > Quotas: object-counts


Let's test that. Deploy the kubernetic/nginx Chart and increase the Pod replicas to 8. You'll find that Kubernetes only permits 4 Pods to be Running.


You can now delete the nginx and resourcequotas-sample Releases