Limit Ranges

Limit Ranges helps define boundaries on the memory and cpu that Pods can claim on each namespace. This helps cluster operators manage the resources efficiently.

For more information about Limit Ranges checkout the Kubernetes User Guide.

In this tutorial we'll configure Limit Ranges to the kubernetic-tutorial namespace.

Limit Range Sample

Go to the tutorial chart repo and run the limitrange-sample chart.

Here is the Limit Range definition:

apiVersion: v1
kind: LimitRange
  name: mylimits
  - max:
      cpu: "2"
      memory: 1Gi
      cpu: 200m
      memory: 6Mi
    type: Pod
  - default:
      cpu: 300m
      memory: 200Mi
      cpu: 200m
      memory: 100Mi
      cpu: "2"
      memory: 1Gi
      cpu: 100m
      memory: 3Mi
    type: Container

Now go to the Limit Ranges section. You'll see the mylimits Limit Range that configures the limits of cpu and memory.

If you select the Limit Range mylimits you'll see details about the limits of memory and cpu.


You can now delete the release of the limitrange-sample chart.

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